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The Venetian Macao. [Photo/IC]

MACAO -- Macao"s total population was 676,100 as of the end of September this year, an increase of 4,100 quarter-to-quarter, the special administrative region"s statistics department said here on Monday.

The latest report from the Statistics and Census Service indicated that the female population was 360,000, accounting for 53.2 percent of the total.

A total of 1,520 live births were delivered in the third quarter of 2019, an increase of 120 quarter-to-quarter. Male babies totalled 782 and the sex ratio at birth stood at 106.0, corresponding to 106 male babies per 100 female babies.

In the first three quarters of 2019, a total of 4,395 live births were recorded, down by 12 year-on-year.

Mortality increased by 23 quarter-to-quarter to 571 in the third quarter. The top three underlying causes of death were Neoplasms, Diseases of the Circulatory System and Diseases of the Respiratory System. In the first three quarters, mortality rose by 217 year-on-year to 1,734.

A total of 856 cases of marriage registration were recorded in the third quarter, up by 15 quarter-to-quarter. In the first three quarters, there were 2,829 cases of marriage registration, down by 22 year-on-year.

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