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File photo of Master Xuecheng.[Photo/VCG]

The Buddhist Association of China called for stronger Buddhist ethics and resistance to the commercialization of Buddhism, at the conclusion of its council meeting in Beijing on Wednesday.

"Religious ethics have been, and still are, the fundamental issue of Buddhism," a release from the conference said.

It called on Buddhist communities to correct the weakening of belief, slack discipline, arrogance and chasing fame and luxury.

The conference accepted the resignation of Master Xuecheng as president of the Buddhist Association of China and appointed Master Yanjue, currently vice-president of the association, to temporarily take charge.

Master Xuecheng, who is abbot of Longquan Temple in Beijing, is under investigation by the State Administration for Religious Affairs after being accused in a 95-page report late last month of various violations, including sexual harassment of nuns and financial irregularities.

He has denied the allegations and posted a statement on his Sina Weibo account saying they stemmed from "fabricated material" and "distorted facts".

The conference also concluded that it was necessary to integrate the traditional monastery system and the management methods of modern social organizations, and to conduct financial and construction activities legally.

Buddhist communities have been told to resist the commercialization of the religion, which has disrupted Buddhist activities, damaged its image and undermined the social atmosphere, the association found.

Buddhist communities nationwide should understand the dangers of commercialization, it found, and should resist the illegal construction of large-scale open-air Buddhist statues. They should also avoid private investment to contract and operate temples, and not raise money in the name of Buddhism. They should safeguard the rights of Buddhism under the law and promote its healthy development, it said.

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